Carpet cleaners in Blackburn offering carpet & upholstery cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers.

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Don't renew,
revive your carpets!

Give your home or business a new lease of life with immaculate clean carpets. Every carpet will become clean & fresh with a carpet cleaning option that suits you budget.

Carpet Cleaning
For Homes

If you are looking for a regular or one-off cleaning service, after party cleaning, spring-cleans or quarterly deep cleans, we can help!

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Carpet Cleaning
For Business

We will customise our office cleaning to meet your requirements. We offer flexible cleaning services to make sure your office cleaning requirements are not only met, but exceeded!

Residenital Carpet Cleaning

We have years of experience dealing with carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

  • Clean your carpets after a party.
  • Clean your carpets after building work.
  • Where pets or children have made a mess.
  • Control allergies.
  • Clean carpets for a baby just about to crawl.
  • Simply freshen up your carpets.
  • Clean the carpets in your new home.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We'd love to help you.....

  • Clean your carpets after an event or party.
  • Clean your carpets after building work has taken place.
  • If you've just taken over a new building or office.
  • Control allergies for staff and visitors.
  • Simply freshen up your carpets, portraying a clean image to the public.

Carpet Cleaners Blackburn


Our carpet cleaning technique revitalises the pile and texture of your carpets bringing them back to their original feel; our cleaning will also make you carpets look amazing. We cover the Blackburn area.


We are a family owned company serving Residential and Commercial properties in the Blackburn area. We pride ourselves on our employees, carpet cleaning service and cleaning equipment. However, if you are looking for roofing contractors in Edinburgh the we would recommend Weather Guard Roofing.

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When you decide to have your carpets cleaned, you are not only changing the appearance of your carpet but you also create a healthier indoor environment.

Your carpet acts as a giant filter because it collects dust, dust mites, bacteria and thousands of micro organisms. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that carpet should be cleaned twice a year in order to extend its life. Carpet cleaning also creates a healthier home or business environment.